Allerton Park Suite (2022) - José Gobbo

By Peter Tijerina - May 16, 2022


Allerton Park Suite. José Emilio Gobbo (guitar). DistroKid, 2022. “Table of Contents,” “Something Wrong Upstairs,” “Settle in the Shade,” “Midwestern Charm,” “The Truth Lies in The Library,” “Sun Singer.” All music composed by José Gobbo. 

A full spectrum of prismatic moods and musical colors are in store for the listener on jazz guitarist José Gobbo’s latest album, Allerton Park Suite. Each track produces a clearer glimpse into his psyche and how he interprets the world around him, all through the lens of solo guitar. The modern harmonies and impressionistic textures of “Table of Contents” provide the DNA for the subsequent tunes. “Something Wrong Upstairs” evokes a sense of irresolution with its gestural phrases and rich harmonies, tinged with melancholy. The next number, “Settle in the Shade,” implies a scene of tranquil beauty, followed by the hypnotic repetition of “Midwestern Charm” which has the power to invoke a sort of underplayed cathartic release. Fragments of jazz classics are heard in “The Truth Lies in The Library” and the various permutational themes and hues of “Sun Singer” are a delightful treat. 

Recorded for the Spring 2022 Artist In-Residence at Allerton Park in Monticello, Illinois.